Zaragon, Inc. is a diversified real estate investment company which owns and manages income producing properties throughout the United States. Our geographic emphasis has been in the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest sections of the country. Properties located in Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and North Carolina have historically and continue to be key areas of interest for Zaragon.
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Zaragon (through its principals and affiliates) owns and/or manages approximately 3,500 apartments, 1,100 manufactured housing units,1,200,000 square feet of office and industrial space and several thousand acres of vacant land. In addition, Zaragon both develops and purchases student housing properties at major universities throughout the U.S.
Each asset is the primary responsibility of one individual who has the full support and backup of all corporate and on-site personnel. A micro-management style is implemented, meaning that meticulous detail and attention is devoted to every aspect of each asset’s operation. Weekly reviews are conducted of each property’s performance, the objective being to develop strategies to maximize that asset’s net operating income.


Zaragon Holdings, Inc.

Zaragon Holdings, Inc. (ZHI) performs asset management services and coordinates lender related matters as to all real estate transactions. ZHI also interacts with investors, ZMC and ZBL as to all properties within the Zaragon portfolio.

Zaragon Management Corp.

Zaragon Management Corp. (ZMC) provides on-site management for all properties. ZMC operates each asset from the Chicago home office employing on-site personnel to execute all corporate policy.

Zaragon Brokerage and Leasing Corp.

Zaragon Brokerage and Leasing Corp. (ZBL) is responsible for all leasing and brokerage aspects of the operation. ZBL works not only on the Zaragon portfolio, but also does leasing and brokerage for third party owned properties.

McAndrew, Phillips & Company

McAndrew, Phillips & Company (MPC) is the affiliate which procures financing for any transaction requiring debt. MPC works directly with lenders and through mortgage bankers to create the most flexible and advantageous debt or debt/equity structures used to finance new acquisitions. MPC is also charged with the refinancing of existing debt on all assets associated with the Zaragon portfolio.

Lancelot Equities, Inc.

Lancelot Equities, Inc. (LEI) purchases environmentally challenged real estate. Once acquired, these properties are environmentally corrected, repositioned and sold. Typically, industrial sites in urban areas are chosen for this repositioning. LEI also procures debt and does tenant representation and construction supervision.

Zaragon Development Corp.

Zaragon Development Corp. (ZDC) is involved in purchasing vacant land for future development. Generally, properties acquired by ZDC are subsequently improved, zoned and built out. Thereafter, these properties are either held in the Zaragon portfolio or sold to third parties.


Richard M. Perlman

Mr. Perlman is the founder and President of Zaragon, Inc. which was formed in 1990. Mr. Perlman has been in the real estate business for the past 35 years. Mr. Perlman oversees all aspects of the company’s business with particular emphasis on acquisitions, dispositions, and financings.

Prior to Zaragon, Mr. Perlman was a Senior Vice President of a national real estate investment company for 15 years where he did acquisitions and structured new deals, both real estate and corporate.

Mr. Perlman has developed, acquired and financed student housing, apartment communities, shopping centers, office buildings and hotels throughout the United States involving transactions in excess of $3 billion.

Mr. Perlman graduated from the Honors College of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts degree and received a Juris Doctor degree from Case Western Reserve Law School. Mr. Perlman is married and has three children.

Lisa K. Miner

Mrs. Miner has been an Executive Vice President of Zaragon, Inc. for the past 20 years. She is responsible for overseeing many areas of the company, including but not limited to all management and leasing activities for the entire portfolio.

Prior to joining Zaragon, Mrs. Miner spent four years as Director of Leasing for RD Management Corp., New York, New York and was responsible for all leasing activity for 200 properties in RD’s national portfolio.

Mrs. Miner is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree and a graduate of New York University where she earned a graduate degree in Real Estate Investment Analysis.

Mrs. Miner holds a Real Estate Broker’s license in both New York and Illinois. She is married and has two children.

Matthew J. Schwartz

Matthew J Schwartz joined Zaragon, Inc. as Vice President in May 2018. His duties include sourcing new acquisitions, portfolio management, and development services.

Prior to joining Zaragon, Matthew spent four years at the Stiles Corporation in Fort Lauderdale, involved in 3rd party investment sales, leasing & management and development services. Additionally, he has held both real estate brokerage and portfolio management positions for 6 years at firms throughout South Florida.

Matthew has been involved in over $500 million of real estate related transactions throughout his career and holds active real estate licenses in both Florida and Illinois. He is a South Florida native and obtained degrees in Finance from both Florida State University and the University of Central Florida.